Puppy Purchase Agreement

Puppy Purchase Agreement

My intent is to ensure your new Shih Tzu stays healthy and happy

Please take a few minutes to read this.

  •  Keep a clean healthy environment just as you would for a newborn baby.
  • Your pup shall not be taken onto the grass or outside, or have too many visits with other people until it has had its required vaccinations.
  • Remember, a Puppy is like a Sponge [is very susceptible] for parasites until the 3rd set of vaccinations for building their immune system are completed, usually between 16-18 weeks of age.
  • At the time of purchase, your pup has a health certificate, and has been vet checked and given their first set of required shots. Buyer promises to keep pups vaccinations current thru-out their life.   At time of sale…if 2nd or 3rd set of shots were given the price will be adjusted as necessary .
  • With this purchase you promise you will give your puppy the proper veterinarian care, grooming and a proper diet of a quality dog food thru-out the life of your pup.
  • Also, I will not be responsible for Any costs/expenses of Any nature including veterinary care, treatment and or surgeries of any nature whatsoever.  As the new owner of your pup, you must provide proper care for the welfare of the pup.
  •  Things common to the Shih Tzu breed include: umbilical and inguinal hernias, (these are minor and not life threatening), pinched nostrils (as long as the nasal passages are kept clean as the pup matures the passages are normally corrected), Cherry eye, Open Fontanel, (soft spot), Mange, Retained Testicles, Patella Luxation, over or under bites or Hypoglycemia.  Any of these items may or may not arise during the lifetime of your pup.  You agree to provide all costs for proper care if any of these items need medical attention during your pups life.
  • A replacement puppy will be given, when one is available of the same gender, for any genetic defect causing death of the puppy within one year of purchase. The cause of death must be verified to me in writing, at the expense of the buyer, by two veterinarian examinations. The cause of death must be shown to be solely genetic, and stating that veterinary care was given thru-out the year along with proper nutrition. All documents will be required as proof for a replacement puppy. Cost of shipping will be paid by the buyer. I will not incur costs or expenses of Any nature for Any and all services, treatments, medical treatments or surgeries including any veterinary services. No refunds will be given.
  • There is No guarantee for the ability of a male or female pup being able to breed. No refunds will be given.
  • The puppy is not guaranteed to be a certain size or color. Colors and weights change over a pups lifetime.
  • I will not be responsible for Any costs incurred due to internal or external parasites, viral or bacterial infections whatsoever. Parasites are common and remedies are available. It is up to you to provide proper care for your pup.
  • Clean drinking water, feeding properly, getting the pup to walk and move their muscles is extremely necessary during the first 16 weeks of your pups life. Holding for over 30 minutes at a time can cause a pup dehydration due to not having assess to drinking water and not moving about to urinate as well as doing a bowel movement. You must not hold the pup for long extended periods of time. Let the pup get down to explore and follow you. Get them to drink as often as possible. I will/am not responsible for death caused by dehydration.
  • A $100 non-refundable deposit will hold any puppy.  We only accept cashiers check, money order or cash.

There are over 70% of pups with micro organisms within their systems that may remain dormant in a pup forever, or they may also activate at any time usually due to stress. There is no blame to be placed on this breeder, or even you for that matter, for the presence of any parasite or infections. Diligence and preventive maintenance has been given to my puppies care and health. Viral infections and parasites such as coccidia, giardia, worms, kennel cough, ear mites, etc. are very common to puppies. During my care, the pups are treated for these internal or external parasites when necessary. That care, in no way represents, that the pup you’ve purchased is free of these infections and or parasites.

I hope you enjoy your new puppy. I have been blessed with loving them and receiving lots of kisses. I have enjoyed helping him/her mature, to be socialized, happy and healthy. The pups are raised in my home with great devotion to their care. The profits are close to none with the care and upkeep necessary to raising clean, healthy, happy, puppies along with socializing, training, proper nourishment and veterinary care. I am a quality breeder and am quite honestly in love with this breed.

I want you to feel free to discuss issues that may arise. Your emails and telephone conversations won’t be a bother.