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A little inside track on the Shih Tzu

Chelsea Feb 19 2013 9 wks 5 daysShih Tzu’s are super loving, very intelligent and want one thing and one thing only… to please you. These adorable little munchkins come into your life with open hearts accepting you as you are. Remember, they still love you when you’re cranky, tired and just want to be left alone. When first approached, they may “hold back” waiting to see if you are the one J … so don’t be afraid to cuddle and hold them and wait for the lick which is sure to come! Be calm, open your mind to their world… not that of your expected “image” and you might be welcomed by a sweet angel willing to share their whole heart with you.  And please be patient …. and understand that your new best friend and companion needs your understanding as they learn new and exciting things daily and guide them with love thru the “baby steps” of their life. Shih Tzu’s are pretty much lifetime puppies and maintain that crazy, playful puppy personality well into their doggy senior years!

Shih Tzu’s have hair not fur and most need to be brushed daily and bathed weekly or b-weekly at the most. Their hair can get matted quickly so it’s best to keep them in a shorter summer cut. And be sure to keep their ears cleaned, nails clipped (including their dew claws!) and brush their teeth a couple of times a week with a soft baby toothbrush.

People ask me a lot, how big do you think my puppy will be full grown. Well, like people, no one can say for sure. A set of small parents doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have a big pup and vise-versa. My adult females range from 7 lbs to about 12 lbs. My adult male is 8 lbs. Below is a chart of common characteristics of the Shih Tzu.

Shih Tzu Characteristics

pawpaw-greypaw-greypaw-greypaw-grey average 8-16 lbs.

Grooming Requirements Shih Tzu’s DO NOT SHED Hypo-alergenic
pawpawpawpawpaw-grey Needs to be brushed daily, bathed every week or so, hair cut every 6 weeks.

Friendly with Other Pets
pawpawpawpawpaw-grey Very social

Exercise Requirements
pawpaw-greypaw-greypaw-greypaw-grey Likes to run and play but doesn’t require a lot of space

Watchdog Ability
pawpawpawpawpaw Will bark when doorbell rings etc. but otherwise a quiet dog